How to Eliminate Hijackers from Your Amazon Listing – How to Sell on Amazon

You’ve worked hard to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon FBA, and you’re starting to see some success. And then, someone else jumps on your listing with what appears to be the same product, taking away some of your sales and competing for the buy box.

Your Amazon listing has been hijacked, and someone else is profiting from your hard work.

It’s something that happens to most successful Amazon FBA sellers, but the good news is that there are some creative ways that you can get rid of Amazon hijackers. Here are 3 helpful tips if you come across someone trying to take over your listing, including an awesome approach that one of my students came up with recently.


1) Bundling

Bundling your products not only helps you sell more because it adds value and creates uniqueness in the marketplace, but it’s also a great way to prevent your listing from getting hijacked. Beyond bundling your product into packs of multiple items, you can also add a complementary item to the listing to make it more unique. For example, let’s say you’re selling grill mats and you bundle five of them together. You could also add in a basting brush, like this seller did. This differentiates you from the competition, and it also adds a layer of protection against hijackers because they would need to have this exact brush in addition to the grill mats. Putting different types of products together makes them more difficult to hijack.



2) Branding

When you’re selling private label on Amazon, it’s important to build your brand into your listings. One way to do this is to have your logo on your packaging or on the product itself. By adding some branded packaging, you’ll have yet another layer of protection because it makes it more difficult for the Amazon hijackers to replicate. They’ll move onto someone else instead of spending time on your listing.

You can also enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry, which requires your brand name to be trademarked. It’s not foolproof and won’t completely prevent your listing from being hijacked, but it’s a step that can be very helpful and also protects your brand in a bigger way.

3) Bundling (with a digital product)

I’ve been working with one of my students, Anthony Alfonso, recently to help get him up and running as an Amazon private label seller. He’s been doing really well and was able to get on the first page in a competitive niche. And then, the hijackers showed up. He had four of them on one listing alone. Anthony contacted Amazon and sent a cease and desist letter, which got rid of three of them. He wasn’t having any luck with Amazon at this point, so we started brainstorming some ways to get rid of the last one.

He came up with a really creative idea, which is a technique I use in selling products but hadn’t thought of as a way to get rid of Amazon hijackers. His physical product was already at the Amazon warehouse, so he didn’t have the option of bundling it with a complementary item. But he could bundle it with a digital product.

So Anthony created an ebook to include with his product, which he then sent to customers with his email software in a follow-up email after they ordered the product. Bundling an ebook with your product isn’t hard to do–you can hire someone on Fiverr or create one yourself. You can offer something of value in a simple PDF for pretty much any product.

Anthony then went back to Amazon and notified them that the hijackers were only offering a partial product, so the customers weren’t getting what was advertised. Once Amazon saw this, the last hijacker was gone within 24 hours. So by including a digital product alongside his product, Anthony differentiated his product from the competition and got rid of the hijackers. It was a home run.

Most successful Amazon private label sellers have their product listings hijacked at some point, and it can be a real nuisance and cost you a lot of money. I hope you found these 3 tips helpful in getting hijackers off your listings so you can get the sales that you rightfully deserve. To see some examples of what hijacked product listings look like, check out the video below.



Have you had any experiences with hijackers, or do you have any tips to share? I’d love to hear from you–come over to the Facebook group and join the conversation!

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