Inner Circle: What I Learned Before We ‘Closed Our Amazon Doors’

Inner Circle Program.

I just wrapped up our big launch of our AMZ Insiders Inner Circle coaching program. This is the place where we, as Amazon sellers doing over $60 million per year, are now providing direct one-on-one hands on training to our Inner Circle members.

We closed the ‘doors' of our coaching program after admissions sold out in just six days (wow)! We're excited to have members from across the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil!



Of course, there are some really big lessons to be learned during a launch like this. Still, one of the main takeaways isn’t news to me at all. Rather, it's just something that I need to constantly remind myself.​

We've had thousands of people interact with our free content in the past few months. Readers have been loving these posts:

It's been great to receive all sorts of terrific and positive feedback. This reaction is really energizing. Moreover, going through the process has reminded me that many are still skeptical about whether they can truly be successful in e-commerce.

In the conversations I've had, the common theme seems to be that someone was part of a course that failed to deliver. That, or they just don't have the confidence and belief that they can actually be successful.

As we get more involved in direct coaching, we're becoming more aware of how many low quality programs exist in the market. I'm truly shocked at some of what I see.

As a result, my motivation is through the roof. Our goal through this program is to set an entirely new standard when it comes to quality in the e-commerce coaching space.

Looking Ahead.

I'm really excited to be underway with our Inner Circle students. I'm 1000% heads down to provide them with the best coaching experience we possibly can. We are fully committed to helping each and every one of our members prepare for their own successful e-commerce business.

I look forward to sharing their results in the coming months!


Jamie AMZ Insiders, co-founder

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