What’s New in Amazon Business: Reading Roundup

As always, there is a lot going on in the world of Amazon and online business. As Amazon sellers, we're busy getting ready for Q4 and the holiday rush. Amazon had some exciting announcements recently as well. On top of that, here at AMZ Insiders, we've kicked off our Inner Circle group coaching program.

Here's what's new in the Amazon business world lately.


whats new in amazon business


Amazon Preps Warehouses for Holidays with FBA Offer // eCommerce Bytes

To make sure they don't run out of warehouse storage space, Amazon is raising warehouse storage fees significantly for FBA sellers for the holidays. However, it is allowing FBA sellers to remove inventory free of charge for a limited time. For any sellers that take advantage of this promotion, they won't be able to send any of the removed items back to the warehouse for the holidays (see the article for details).

Amazon Plans Second Headquarters, Opening a Bidding War Among Cities // The New York Times

The big news recently was Amazon's announcement that they plan to open a second headquarters in addition to their current location in Seattle. Locations across the United States and Canada are vying for the many high-paying jobs and tax breaks this could bring to their city. Amazon has a long wish list for what they're looking for in a city, like on-site access to public transit, a commute of less than 45 minutes to an international airport, a metropolitan area with more than 1 million people, a diverse population, and more.

I visited Amazon's headquarters recently – check out the behind-the-scenes photos and 3 Amazon secrets I learned while there.

Nothing Is Too Strange for Cities Wooing Amazon to Build There // The New York Times

This big announcement has some cities bending over backwards and trying to gain Amazon's favor with some pretty interesting tactics. From the Tuscon desert, business leaders have tried mailing a 21-foot cactus to Jeff Bezos. The mayor of Frisco, Texas created a video letter, and business students in Philadelphia have been assigned the fall project of pitching the City of Brotherly Love to Amazon.

I imagine whichever city gets them will be like getting the Olympics where they'll have to do a lot to “outbid” everyone else. I'm rooting for Atlanta, of course, but it will be interesting to see what city wins out!

Amazon Created More Jobs Last Year than 46 States // Time

With the bidding wars going strong for the new headquarters, everyone is talking about this job creating machine we know as Amazon. As of June 2017, Amazon had created 113,500 net new jobs over the previous 12 months. That means that if Amazon were a state, it would rank fourth in terms of job creation during that time period! Just one more reason that now is the time to jump into business as an Amazon seller.

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