What You Need to Know to Build an Amazon Business | Tech Blog Writer Podcast Interview

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the Tech Blog Writer Podcast, where I chatted with Neil Hughes about all things Amazon. In addition to sharing some practical tips for launching new products on Amazon, I also break down what new sellers should realistically expect and common mistakes that we see new sellers make. We also discuss the journey to selling $60 million on Amazon and how to get started with e-commerce.


Wondering how to build an Amazon business and feel like it's all a mystery? In this Tech Blog Writer podcast episode, I discuss our journey to $60 million in sales on Amazon, common mistakes new sellers make, and how to set realistic expectations when you're starting out.


I was glad for the opportunity to share my story and for the chance to inspire a wider audience to consider building a business on Amazon. If you feel like selling on Amazon is a complete mystery, I hope this podcast episode will help open your eyes to all the possibilities that exist!

Podcast highlights you don’t want to miss:

  • The inspiration and motivation behind launching our coaching program [3:00]
  • The incredible growth of e-commerce & Amazon [6:15]
  • How e-commerce gives you the ability to build something of your own and have control over your career path [8:54]
  • The biggest mistakes new sellers make when starting to build an Amazon business [10:45]
  • How much it costs and how much time it takes to create a successful e-commerce business [18:40]
  • Some of our best “hacks” to selling on Amazon [21:00]
  • How growing your business is like a video game [27:55]


Listen to episode 357 of the podcast here! 


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