6 Questions Readers Are Asking About How to Sell on Amazon

We get a ton of questions from beginner and intermediate sellers about how to sell on Amazon. Occasionally I'll share in-depth blog posts or tutorial videos to answer those questions, but sometimes they're simpler or only require a short answer.

So I thought I'd share a little reader Q&A about a variety of topics. I've pulled a select few questions that Amazon sellers inside the Facebook group have been asking. I encourage you to come join us in the group and be part of the conversation, as there are lots more discussions happening every day on any topic imaginable. There are already more than 4,000 people in that group with different knowledge and skill levels who provide support and feedback. It's a great place to grow as an Amazon seller!


6 Questions Readers Are Asking About How to Sell on Amazon

1) Product Giveaways

Is it better to do 100 giveaways in one month or spread them out over several months?

You'll want to front load your giveaways at the beginning to “spike the algorithm,” so to speak. How many giveaways you do depends on the competitiveness (how many units they are selling each day) of the top sellers in your keywords, as you want to get into the top 6 on page 1 for your keywords whenever possible.

You much prefer for people to buy your product after searching for it using one of your relevant keywords. When several people do this your keyword rank will improve significantly for that keyword. Find out more about this Amazon keyword “hack” that I shared in a podcast recently.

2) Reviews

Should you try to get seller reviews or product reviews on Amazon? Are they equally important?

A positive product review helps the product (that listing), while positive seller feedback helps you specifically. Product reviews on your Amazon listing are what you want to focus on as that is primarily what the customer will see.

3) Issue Resolution

My Amazon listing was suspended and then reactivated, but now the link goes to the Amazon dog error page. I've been going back and forth with Amazon regarding my listing for 2 weeks, and they keep saying it “should be fixed shortly.” What are your suggestions for getting an issue resolved with Amazon support?

When we come across this, we just continue to be the “squeaky wheel” with Amazon support. Sometimes just when I think a major issue will never be resolved, all of the sudden Amazon gets it resolved. It can be very frustrating, but hang in there and keep requesting resolution.

4) Product Launch Software

Is Viral Launch worth the money? Are there any alternative tools or options?

Viral Launch is effective but pricey. Alternatively, you can leverage services such as AMZTracker to give away your product in good volumes and/or in some Facebook groups that allow giveaways. You can also set up a structure where you run Facebook ads to offer your product at a significant discount.

5) Seller Fees

What fees does Amazon charge to sellers? I'm confused by some of the information I've been seeing. I was told that the Amazon FBA fee would be 30% of the selling price of a product. But I just read somewhere else that said fulfillment fees are based on shipping weight. 

Amazon’s Marketing fee is 15% of your sales price. If you also sell FBA, then you need to pay that fee as well, which Amazon calculates based on the dimensions and weight of the product. Here is a chart detailing the Amazon FBA fees.

6) Getting Started on Amazon

I'm looking to start off as an Amazon seller. Do any of you have any tips from your experience in the e-commerce marketplace?

There are a lot of free resources available that will help you learn the basics of how to sell on Amazon. In our Facebook group, we have a lot of people who will jump in and offer help and answers to your questions. Try to learn as much as you can through the resources that are out there. Here are a few posts I recommend for beginners:

It takes some time and a lot of learning, but I find gaining experience and learning from others is the best path. While you are first starting out, I recommend taking less risk with your inventory until you know the process and are confident in what you are doing.

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