What’s New in Amazon Business: October 2017

Amazon is always innovating and continues to show up in the news consistently. Whether you're an Amazon FBA beginner or a seasoned pro, it's important for you as a seller to keep up with the latest news. We've sorted through the headlines this month so you don't have to, and we pulled together some of the biggest (and most unusual) stories. Here's what's new in the Amazon business world!


What's New in Amazon Business: Reading Roundup October 2017

Amazon, even more than Google, has corporate America talking // Business Insider

It seems that the buzz in the corporate world is centering on Amazon these days. In fact, the company has surpassed Google as the most mentioned company on public corporate conference calls. Whether these companies are discussing how they might learn from Amazon's success or they're worried about remaining competitive with the e-commerce giant is unclear.

Amazon shares surge 13% to record above $1100 as Wall Street shocked by giant's rapid growth // CNBC

It's a great time to be an Amazon FBA seller. Amazon announced its third quarter 2017 earnings, and shares surged thirteen percent! Like I've mentioned before, e-commerce is in its infancy and Amazon is dominating the game. It's why I think Amazon is the best way to earn passive income online!


Amazon Key is a new service that lets couriers unlock your front door // The Verge

Want to make sure your package from Amazon doesn't get stolen from your front porch or get drenched in the rain? Amazon Key is a new service that will allow Amazon couriers to open your door and leave packages inside your home. It requires homeowners to install a smart lock, and there is a video camera included that allows them to watch the delivery take place.

Right now Amazon Key is only available in select cities and will not be used by third party carriers—only Amazon itself. Of course, many people aren't sure whether this new service is creepy or convenient. And even though couriers have to knock first (to find out if there are any hungry dogs), I imagine there may be a few cats that get loose in the process. We'll see if this expands to more cities in the future!

Shoppers expected to forego Black Friday lines this year // Chain Store Age

It's not just about Cyber Monday anymore. Excitement about hitting the stores on Black Friday (and even Thanksgiving Day) is going down, according to a recent study. Meanwhile, plans to doing holiday shopping online have increased. Are you prepared with your inventory?

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Why Atlanta Is the Early Favorite to Land Amazon's Second Headquarters // Fortune

The bidding war carried on into October, and Amazon received 238 proposals for its HQ2. This roundup of 10 ambitious site proposals lists cities like Philadelphia, New York, and Phoenix. Amazon won't announce the winner until 2018, but initially some say that Atlanta is a favorite.

Not everyone wants Amazon's headquarters to come to their backyard, though. They're critical about whether it will benefit the average citizen. They claim that tax breaks for Amazon mean that the company won't be investing in infrastructure, the education system, or salaries for first responders.

Check out a two-minute debate about it here:


Amazon bidders like Detroit and Grand Rapids say they've won already just by playing game // Detroit Free Press

Other cities, like Grand Rapids, Michigan, say that even if they aren't chosen, the proposal process was beneficial for their city. Various stakeholders had to come together and collaborate, and it really helped them learn a lot about their community. The benefits for cities across the country may carry on for years.

Amazon Gives Kindle Some Upgrades // Forbes

Black Friday is coming quickly, and it falls just a week after the tenth anniversary of the Kindle brand. Amazon announced a new version of its waterproof e-reader, the Kindle Oasis. They also redesigned the Kindle app to integrate with Goodreads, which has been a long time coming for avid readers.

65 pounds of marijuana arrive with couple’s Amazon order // Fox 8 Orlando

In a little bit of unusual news, a Florida couple got an unexpected surprise when they opened their Amazon shipment. Hate it when that happens! Amazon has issued a statement saying that it worked with customers to ensure their safety and will assist law enforcement in their investigation.

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