Take a Sneak Peek Inside Our 60 Million Dollar Amazon Business — How to Sell on Amazon

The possibilities that exist with selling products on Amazon are endless. I continue to get excited about the growth of e-commerce whenever I look at the latest news and statistics.

But it goes beyond numbers on a screen. I love interacting with my coaching students as they learn how to sell on Amazon and build successful businesses.

My business partners and I have been able to achieve a lot in our own business in the last few years, and I love helping beginners be successful as well. This is such a great community to be a part of!

Recently I was a guest on the AMZ Secrets podcast, where I chatted with David Aladdin about this whole journey of building an e-commerce business. In addition to sharing how I quit my corporate job to become an Amazon seller, I also discuss the fears around account shutdowns, myths new sellers believe, and what I thought was a barrier to entry in the beginning (that really wasn't). We also talk about how we were able to scale our business quickly and other Amazon strategies and secrets.


Want to learn how to sell products on Amazon? Get a sneak peek into a $60 million Amazon business in this podcast episode!


I was glad for the opportunity to share my story and for the chance to inspire a wider audience to consider building a business on Amazon. If you feel like selling products on Amazon is a complete mystery, I hope this podcast episode will help open your eyes to all the possibilities that exist!

Podcast highlights you don’t want to miss:

  • My background before becoming an Amazon seller [0:40]
  • How I quit my job and got into Amazon [3:32]
  • What I thought was a barrier to entry with becoming a successful Amazon seller (that really wasn’t) [5:35]
  • What pushed me past the edge to get started on Amazon [7:38]
  • Our strategy for Vendor Central [12:20]
  • Factors to consider with Vendor Central [14:30]
  • What went into the decision to have our own warehouse versus a third party fulfillment center [16:20]
  • The biggest business mistakes we’ve made [18:47]
  • What happened with our account shutdowns and how we fixed it [21:42]
  • Myths that new Amazon sellers believe [29:54]
  • Benefits of networking to connect with Amazon corporate [33:36]
  • Struggles we face as 8-figure Amazon sellers [35:40]
  • How we’ve branched out in e-commerce [39:50]
  • What to watch out for in business partnerships [46:50]


Watch episode 91 of the podcast here! 


Or listen here:

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