We Sold $112,907 in One Day Selling on Amazon Black Friday 2017

People often associate Black Friday with all of the opportunities to buy goods at great deals. Not us! We associate it with our biggest days selling on Amazon!

We love Black Friday as it's the start of our biggest selling days selling on Amazon.

On this Black Friday, November 24th 2017 we sold $112,907 in just one of our two primary Amazon selling accounts. This is just our sales in the U.S. and does not include any of our international Amazon seller marketplaces.

These are the days we love checking the sales stats throughout each day the most. Throughout the year we typically share different insights about how to sell on Amazon, but Q4 brings about our peak sales. So for now I'll instead share our results as “the fruits of our labor” and some inspiration for what you can achieve as you start and scale your Amazon business.

Amazon is by far the dominant e-commerce platform and it's what enables us to have sales days as pictured below.


These are our one day sales selling on Amazon on Black Friday 2017.


There is no better time than today to begin learning how to do this for yourself.  E-commerce is still less than 15% of all commerce and it's projected to double over the next five years (and it will still be less than a third of all commerce). That's one of the main reasons I think Amazon is the best way to earn passive income online!

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