Interview with our host, Jamie Davidson – 001

Welcome to the first episode of the $75 Million Amazon Seller Podcast, a podcast we created to share our insights on all things ecommerce and Amazon.

Over the last seven years, we have been in the trenches building our business from zero to $75 Million in annual revenue.  Our team lives, eats and breathes ecommerce and we would like to share our insights and connect with others who share a similar passion.

Many people think they have “missed the boat” when it comes to online ecommerce and Amazon, but we believe we are still very much in the early stages.  We hope to dispel these myths and provide proven strategies that our team has used to rapidly scale our business.

We believe there is so much opportunity online and we hope to use this podcast as a platform to empower others who are looking to start an online business of their own.

In this first episode, we share a little bit about who we are and how we got into Amazon.

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Here are a list of resources mentioned in this episode:

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