5 tips on how to deal with negative reviews

Hope everything is going great for you and your store. One question I get a lot is about negative reviews and what to do about them.

Contrary to popular belief, not every review you receive on Amazon is going to be positive, even if you have a fantastic product.

The world is full of Negative Nancys and Debbie Downers, and the Amazon platform gives them just as much of a voice as your positive customers.

So, what do you do about it?



Well you could just ignore them, or you could send them a nasty note, but both of those options are ill-advised.

If you want to resolve an issue and make your business look even more trustworthy, you can’t simply ignore bad reviews.

These are my favorite tips for responding to negative reviews and ensuring they don’t affect my sales:

Some Quick Stats

Before we get started, here are some give numbers to keep in mind:

  • Positive reviews can provide up to an 18% boost in sales
  • 84% of shoppers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Customers trust reviews 12 times more than manufacturer descriptions.

These numbers don’t lie, and these are the three reasons you should remain diligent in monitoring your reviews and correcting any negative ones that slip through the cracks.

An Optimistic Spin

When you receive a negative review, it’s understandable to feel defensive, as if someone was attacking you personally.

In reality, many experts note that a few negative reviews aren’t entirely bad.

In fact, when you have a handful of negative reviews among a significant number of
positive ones, it makes your store seem more real.

Think about it; if your reviews are 100% positive, some customers might be a little suspicious.

I mean, how many stores or products are 100% loved universally? Not many.

So allowing a few negative reviews to slip through isn’t a death sentence.

However, it’s when they get out of hand that your store could be in trouble.

How to Respond

With all of this in mind, whenever I spot a bad review, I make sure to respond to it as soon as possible, especially the scathing ones.

Beneath the review, there is a handy little comment button allowing you to respond to any review.

Your comments should always start with an apology for their bad experience, along with a statement to reaffirm your commitment to providing everyone with a positive experience.

After that, include a link to your email so the customer can contact your privately while you sort out their issue.

I’ve found it’s always best to handle these types of things in private so you aren’t airing out your customer’s or your dirty laundry in public. Once you get in touch with them, it’s your time to do everything you can to remedy the situation. Whether that means issuing a refund, sending a replacement, etc.

Removing Bad Reviews

Believe it or not, it is possible to make those bad reviews disappear, but it takes some work.

The easiest option is to ask the customers to either update or remove their negative review.

Only do this if you were able to resolve the problem. If not, it’s best to just take the review in stride and keep moving forward.

Muffle the Negative Noise

Remember how I mentioned Negative Nancys and Debbie Downers have just as much of a voice as positive reviewers?

Well, if you want to drown out the noise they make, you should encourage new and
positive reviews. With each sale, you should send an automated email asking them to leave a review if they liked the product and your service and if not, to contact you directly before leaving a review.

The sad truth is that people are more likely to leave a review about a negative experience than they are to leave one about a positive experience.

For this reason, those people that had a positive experience will need a little bit of extra encouragement.

Abusive Reviews

Some people might just have it out for you and will leave scathing reviews for no reason at all.

Amazon is aware of this problem which is why, in certain cases, they’ll remove a negative review for you.

If a review contains foul language, advertises a competing product, or has no
explanation for a low-star rating, it may qualify for removal. If you come across this, get in touch with Amazon and see if they can step in.

Negative reviews are just a part of the Amazon seller life, but if you know how to handle them, they don’t need to be a big deal.

Hopefully, these tips have helped!
Your AMZinsiders team.

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