How to Pick a Winning Product to Sell on Amazon – 007

Welcome to the seventh episode of the Ecommerce Domination Rainmaker's Podcast, a podcast that we created to share our insights on all things ecommerce and Amazon.

In this episode, Jamie talks with Viral Launch's Founder and CEO, Casey Gauss. Casey shares amazing insight on how to pick your first product to sell and he also warns of common pitfalls that new sellers encounter. If you are thinking about selling on Amazon, you definitely want to listen to Casey's advice before you pick your first product to sell. You will be steps ahead of other sellers looking to get started just by listening to this quick episode!

If you are an Amazon seller and you are looking for new products to sell, be sure to check out Viral Launch's tools using the link below.

(Disclosure: Yes we are an affiliate, but we are not in the business of recommending products. We only recommend software that we use in our own business and Viral Launch is one of the most utilized arrows in our quiverr)

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Here are a list of resources mentioned in this episode:

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