How to source your next Amazon product like the pros – 004

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Ecommerce Domination Rainmaker's Podcast, a podcast that we created to share our insights on all things ecommerce and Amazon.

Yes, we realize this episode should have been posted a while ago 🙂  We missed it and thought about not posting it, but the content is so good that we still wanted to get it out there to our listeners.

In this episode, Jamie Davidson gets the inside scoop from local sourcing expert, Helen, during his recent visit to the Yiwu market.  Helen shares how you can source like the pros by visiting Yiwu and knocking out all of your sourcing in one trip.  Curious how Nike got started?  Phil Knight visited China and met with manufacturers to license his first shoe from Onitsuka Tiger (now Asics).  The rest is history.

Helen's team has helped high level sellers from all over the globe navigate the Yiwu market.  Her team assists sellers with both finding and shipping products from China to countries all over the world.

If you are interested in selling on Amazon, this is an episode you don't want to miss!  Head over to to access our free training about how to start your very own Amazon business today!

Here are a list of resources mentioned in this episode:

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