You Could Be 1 Product Away From $1 Million Profit – 010

Welcome to the tenth episode of the Ecommerce Domination Rainmaker's Podcast, a podcast that we created to share our insights on all things ecommerce and Amazon.

One question we hear over and over again from our listeners is…

“Can you still launch a successful product now in 2018?”

We are here to happily tell you that the answer is an emphatic YES!  In this episode, Jamie discusses how we launched a brand NEW PRODUCT under a NEW BRAND that is now on pace to make $1 Million in profit.  Most people get so caught up worrying about multiple products that they never even start with their first.  The quicker you get started with your first product, the better chance you have for success.

Jamie also stresses the importance of mindset and belief and discusses how crucial it is to surround yourself with mentors and like-minded people.

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