How A Virtual Assistant Can BOOST Your FBA Business – 011

Welcome to the eleventh episode of the Ecommerce Domination Rainmaker's Podcast, a podcast that we created to share our insights on all things ecommerce and Amazon.

In this episode, Jamie talks with Nathan Hirsch, the CEO of, about how crucial it is to spend your time working on your business, not in your business. The faster you can remove yourself from daily tedious tasks that are necessary to run your business, the quicker you can focus your attention on growing your business. Virtual assistants are often considered a great way for entrepreneurs to remove themselves from repetitive daily tasks.

A VA, or virtual assistant, is a digitally based worker who can provide services remotely. Virtual assistants save entrepreneurs from spending time on daily repetitive tasks that they don't have time for. There are several ways to find a VA for your business; however, if you are trying to hire one by yourself, there are pitfalls that you may encounter. Your new virtual assistant might not end up being able to perform all of the tasks that they claimed, they might go MIA, etc.

Nathan started for this very reason. He was tired of hiring VAs and training them only to find out later that things would not work out. If you are looking for someone to help you with your business, we highly recommend that you check out his service. Not only do they prescreen virtual assistants for you, but they guarantee your money back if your virtual assistant decides to pick up and leave. You can find out more about by clicking the link below.

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