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What You Can Expect: In this blog you can expect straight forward insight regarding how to become a successful Amazon FBA seller.  As a top 100 Amazon seller globally we believe we offer a very unique perspective vs. anyone else “teaching Amazon”.  We have a lot of insight to share and we hope to provide you an “Insiders” view into this amazing world of selling successfully on Amazon.

I get more & more excited every time I re-visit these amazing Amazon facts:

  • E-commerce is still less than 12% of all commerce believe it or not and growing each year.
  • Next year e-commerce is projected to be 15% of all commerce and five years from now it’s projected to be 30% of all commerce.  So we are still in the early stages!
  • Amazon is already bigger than than the next ten biggest ecommerce platforms combined and yet e-commerce is still in its infancy!
  • Mobile commerce is projected to grow by 300%+ between 2014-2018.
  • Amazon is by far the largest and easiest way for people to purchase goods by mobile
  • For all these reasons right now we are are in the Amazon “gold rush” and huge financial opportunities exist for those that follow a defined successful process to capitalize on the incredible power and continued growth of Amazon.

My story:  I graduated for the United States Military Academy, West Point in 1994.  After serving as a U.S. Army officer and I had what many would describe as a successful corporate leadership path / career including quick promotions, building high performing teams, & consistently taking on higher levels of responsibilities (completed my MBA) both domestically and internationally, and eventually becoming chief executive officer of a national education company.  My path seemed to be “successful” but was it really?  I supposed for that time it was but while many in the corporate world don’t realize it yet, today there is a “new world order”.  

I developed a great friendship with my next door neighbor, Jason when I moved to the Atlanta area in 2011.  At that point he began selling on Amazon with his partner Brad.  We decided to bring each of our unique Amazon expertise's together in an effort to help others learn from our struggles and successes along the way to selling over $60 million per year on Amazon. We have a passion for teaching and helping other succeed.  We hope this blog and our training resources will be a benefit to anyone interested to learn more and succeed in what we consider to be the most exciting opportunity on the planet.

To learn more and for a free video detailing our specific Amazon processes go to www.AMZInsiders.com