Hacking Amazon’s Sales Ranking system

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I often get questions from sellers about Sales Ranking on Amazon. They want to know what it is, how it works, and if there’s anything they can do to hack it. Lastly, some sellers even wonder if it’s worth their time to worry about it. To put it simply– yes! When it comes to competing [...]

The 4**** Store

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The 4 star store or how Amazon is deciding the future of traditional Brick and Mortar. Whenever you walk into most Brick and Mortar stores, you’ll find a variety of different items but typically pertaining to a particular niche industry - think apparel, kitchen or home ware, computer games, books, etc. It’s really rare that [...]

Should you be worried about Amazon’s underground economy?

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Whenever there are riches to be made, it naturally draws with itself a certain level of corruption. In the case of Amazon, it was revealed this week by the Washington Street Journal that there is some inside data leakage going on. Apparently, Amazon employees are offering internal data in exchange for bribes and to help [...]

6 things to learn about ecommerce from an entrepreneur that makes $40 million a year!

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This week on the podcast, I sat down with Brandon Poulin to discuss some expert tactics to quickly grow your ecommerce business. As the CEO and co-founder of LadyBoss—the first global weight loss system and support community for women—he, with his wife, has helped transform the lives of over 140,000 customers around the world while accumulating [...]

What to do when your Amazon seller account gets suspended?

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You know what keeps many Amazon sellers up at night? The thought of one day, out of nowhere, losing their Amazon Seller account. It happens a little bit more than you might think, and although there are tons of good reasons for Amazon to suspend accounts, sometimes they miss the bar. So, even if your [...]

Amazon’s Two Selling Platforms: Vendor Central vs. Seller Central

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There are two main options when it comes to selling on Amazon: first-party (Vendor Central) and third-party (Seller Central), and if you plan on using Amazon to sell your products, the different qualities in these two platforms is something you need to know. In this blog post, we’re going to break down the differences between first-party [...]

The Difference Between Suppliers and Manufacturers.

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You’d be surprised how many FBA sellers don’t know whether they are actually working with a supplier or a manufacturer Though, it’s essential that you not only know, but also understand the difference between these two. Furthermore, where you get your products matters and depending on the type of company you're working with, you'll see [...]

Is Amazon Getting Rid Of Reviews Forever?!

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If you’ve clicked on the link to this article, you were already aware of Amazon’s review chaos. Though, let’s dive a little deeper here because this is something that is going to affect us all. Is Amazon getting rid of reviews? Something that was true for Amazon FBA might not be true anymore tomorrow. The industry [...]

The crazy truth about Amazon FBA

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The truth? You’ll be surprised how many people NEVER even start! Today on the blog, I’m going to open the book and spill the beans for you. It’s true… we teach people about crushing it on Amazon all the time, but... it’s the getting started part that can be the hardest. And the best [...]