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Athena Severi talks about her opinion of Jamie Davidson.
Albert Johnson, a partner at AMZ Insiders, explains his path to success.
David Cupps explains why AMZ Insiders helps his company.
Joie Roberts, a partner at AMZ Insiders, shares her experiences.
Brandon Poulin, CEO of LadyBoss, recommends AMZ Insiders.
"Today is the time to brag about everything that I have learned by being a part of this group! I had yesterday my first $1,000 day sale on 1 product only. my journey on AMZ started by watching videos on youtube. Then I bought a $1000 course from one of the youtube gurus. 

That course end up costing me about 15k on AMZ fees, products stucik on customs and almost a law suit due to Copyright issues. I ALMOST GAVE UP!

It is been 3 years now doing amazon and doing it right. Started with 4k investment after loosing the money (besides what I have paid for the course) and now being able to reach 50k sales chart. Credit card debit is almost over, no more credit cards to buy stuff just simply re investing any profits back into the business. My goal is to do that till I hit 100k consistently and then enjoy some of the spoils! Still have my real estate business and doing amz along and that the reason of reinvesting the profits.  Game plan, consistency and persistency. Thank you for all you in this group. All of the videos, the post and the classes has helped me a lot. Thanks to Jamie Davidson and this family for giving me inspiration!
Joe Almeida Junior
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